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Emi Hinouchi
12 April 2012 @ 02:26 am
I really had fun singing.

Thanks so much to the fans of AKB.

In 10 years, this is my first time experiencing this.

I also sang "Forever Love" for the first time.

I think we shared a very musical time(^^)

To the people who felt something in my new song, even just a little bit,

I want it to multiply, to become the bestニコニコ
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Emi Hinouchi
03 April 2012 @ 11:09 am
Hello everyone音符

I've been

busy every dayニコニコ

And right now I'm full of energy☆彡

There are a variety of different types of life.

I was encouraged by the words of a friend,

about how it's important to live every day freely.

They said,

"As far as life goes, experiences, knowledge, and money are just hindrances that some people choose."

I think that's really true.ニコニコ

I know that every day people are crushed, and then rise up again, moving at their own pace.
I have a performance in Kobe next week.

And towards the end, I'll have a performance with HOME MADE KAZOKUニコニコ

Please wait for these various things.

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Emi Hinouchi
12 March 2012 @ 01:39 pm

Hey it's been a while, ajakong hereニコニコ

Today I'm gonna write a report on the "NO Boarder" @ Shibuya Duo live, on Feb. 24th (Fri.)アップ

This time was a little bit different, because there was a live band and dancers. It felt like a really extravagant performance音譜音譜


Catch Me!!!
Growing Up
Kimi no Tame ni


First a view of the rehearsal~~

Even the checks looked this elaborate~~

And the wait time turned out to be so long

that I asked Emi to do my hairリボン

Start of the performance

Some members of ROK-KISS came from Korea to dance in Catch Me!!!

It was a great performance!!

And the live band~~

The live band was really great~~~音譜

I want to have another live band~ビックリマーク

And the show ended safely~

These are the band members who worked with us this time!!

Starting from the left, Mitsu on percussion, the familiar guitarist Gussan, and Chiba-sensei on piano!!

And the members of ROK-KISS, who appeared as dancers, along with the others.

This time, the members KOON and WHO made an appearance!!

Everyone has amazing muscles!!DASH!lol

I hope you can see how much fun the live was音譜

And that's all of ajakong's reportチョキ

Please look forward to my future reports☆

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Emi Hinouchi
26 February 2012 @ 02:31 pm
Now, a group live performance starting from 16:00 at the WONDER GOO Moriya store‼  There's still time to watch KEN THE 390's and his guests, Hinouchi Emi and TARO SOUL(^O^)

In rehearsal now

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Emi Hinouchi
06 February 2012 @ 08:39 pm

Lookie lookie here☆
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Emi Hinouchi

[DOWN feat. Hinouchi Emi Prod by DJ KOMORI]

Lyrics: KEN THE 390/Hinouchi Emi
Composition: KEN THE 390/Hinouchi Emi/DJ KOMORI

(KEN THE 390)
Shining flashlight, neon back light
Eyes close, a sudden blackout
I wanted to know all of you
All night long in the dark, briefly

What's real, what's the illusion
Either way is good, but follow me
Like Dorothy, escaping from the magical country
I'm the opposite, falling completely

Completely trapped, can't sneak away, 24
I realize my head, my body, and the deepest parts of me
Let's not be concerned and dance here, bounce around dancing until the end
You're falling with the other two, don't let me down

Put your hands up, Don't let me down

(Hinouchi Emi)

Kick on the back Get down

Keep your wits about you
So you don't go crazy

We rock Get down
If you can understand each other
The two of you

Losing it all
Let's fall together

(KEN THE 390)
You are...
Just like a legacy, a modern goddess
Even the CIA couldn't hide your charm
Wait a minute, your body swinging is like therapy
Like a child in the world too soon

I just want to dance, I just want to scream
Freely, all the way until the morning
With the other people, it's like a dream
Carefully pulling the strings behind the scenes, Illuminati

This is just like a hard drug, I can't slip out of this intense trance
Waking up from a bad trip, what's real? What's an illusion??
At any rate, those visions will seem idiotic when you're sober
You're falling with the other two, don't let me down

Put your hands up, Don't let me down

(Hinouchi Emi)

Kick on the back Get down
Put your hands up, Don't let me down
Kick on the back Get down
Put your hands up, Don't let me down

■[Release Schedule]

1/11 (Wed.) Recochoku Chaku-Uta preorders start!
1/18 (Wed.) Dwango Chaku-Uta downloads start!
1/18 (Wed.) Dwango Chaku-Uta Full preorders start!
1/25 (Wed.) Recochoku Chaku-Uta downloads start!
1/25 (Wed.) iTunes Store downloads start!

■2012/1/25 KEN THE 390 [THE BEST OF COLLABORATION]Release!!

disc1[Rapper's best]
1. Chou・Seven feat. ROMANCREW
2. Chou・Rap e no Michi feat. TARO SOUL,DEJI
3. Goddamn!! TOKYO ver feat. CHERRY BROWN, Shinpei Ta, AKLO
4. What's Generation feat. RAUDEF,SHUN,KOPERU, Hidaka Mitsuhiro a.k.a.SKY-HI
5. THE DOOR feat. COMA-CHI,Baby M
6. Jouzetsu Express feat. TARO SOUL,KEN THE 390 / Maboroshi
7. Iza Shoubu! feat. TARO SOUL,"E"qual,KEN THE 390,DELI / Dohzi-T
8. Green Light feat. KEN THE 390, KLOOZ / DIORI a.k.a D-ORIGINU
9. H.I.P feat. Mummy-D&Tiara
10. Zoku・Chou・Rap e no Michi feat. TAROSOUL,DEJI
11. Goddamn!! OSAKA ver feat.MINT, R-Shitei,ERONE
12. AFRA to CyUe Chinza 390~RUN!!BEAR RUN!!~ feat.AFRA, Cypress Ueno, Chinza DOPENESS
13. Zoku・Yareba Dekiru kara Yaru feat. KEN THE 390 / Rapbit
14. Hey Boy feat. Douzi-T
15. Grand Closing / TARO SOUL&KEN THE 390

disc2[Singer's best]
1. DOWN feat. Hinouchi Emi
2. ONE feat. CIMBA
3. Neo Generator feat. KEN THE 390 / mihimaru GT
4. I GET SO HIGH feat. MIHIRO~マイロ~
5. Stay feat. Shimizu Shota
6. Todoketakute... feat. Aoyama Thelma
7. Todoketai... feat. KEN THE 390 / Aoyama Thelma
8. Yasashii Kimochi~Ienai Mama~ feat. KEN THE 390 / Tiara
9. Ame no Nichiyoubi feat. Shouken (ROMANCREW), MAYA
10. Miss You feat. COMA-CHI
11. One story / AILI thanx to May J. & KEN THE 390
12. HeartBeat / TARO SOUL & KEN THE 390 feat. May J.

Catalog Number: DGTA-10003,10004
Price: 2,800 yen
Specifications: 2-CD set in a jewel case
Agency: Dwango Music Entertainment
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Emi Hinouchi
06 January 2012 @ 06:38 pm
Waiting for the end of rehearsal☆彡

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Emi Hinouchi
03 January 2012 @ 06:10 pm

After singing



kiss to the mic

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Emi Hinouchi
01 January 2012 @ 11:42 pm
I completed all my goals from last year☆

I don't want to forget the little things that make me happy.

I want to send things daily(^^)
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Emi Hinouchi
23 December 2011 @ 08:54 pm

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